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We pick the team of the first leg of the Women’s 7s Championship!

With the beautiful beaches of Makarska now a distant memory, we have to start looking ahead (Hamburg – 28th/30th), but before we do, we pick the team of the first leg of the Women’s 7s Championship!


Romane Ménager was one of the experienced heads on the French team, she dominated in every aspect of the game, inflicting more than handful of monster tackles, scoring a total of seven tries in the Makarska leg. France might’ve not won the opening tournament of Rugby Europe’s 7s season, but she was a sight to behold and we hope to have her skills back in Hamburg.


Quicker than the wind, more lethal than a knife in hot butter, and stronger than any wall you will find, Katarzyna Paszcyk showed yet again why she is revered as one of the best in European 7s. The Polish nº6 scored seven tries, adding a couple of scalps to her name, as she sprinted away from her foes in just a snap of the fingers. Her all-round performance earned her Player of the Tournament.


When that black cap is on, you just know that Spain will get closer to get a win, and Algar’s 53-points are the living proof of her impact in the 7s arena. Algar combines a thrilling step with a vicious top-speed acceleration, possessing also a deep knowledge to know when and how to strike. A well-rounded player, Algar continues to show why she is regarding as a legend in the Leonas setup, and we just had to pick her for this dream team of the first leg.


In an Olympic year and repecharge on the horizon, the Czech Republic athletics division would be wise to call Anezka-Marta Sládkova, as the Czech Republic backline speedster is just one of the very best sprinters in our 7s competitions. Beyond her try-scoring abilities (she added six tries to her international record), it’s the pure and brilliant running skills she has, flooring most of her rivals like it was just a stroll on the beach. Another easy pick for our top team in the opening leg of the season.


Cécile Blondiau is a powerful and wise player for Team Belgium, someone who can be as good as running with the ball as waiting for the right opportunity to strike a turnover at the breakdown. Belgium finished in 3rd in Makarska, and Blondiau played a crucial role in that outcome, as she delivered from the first kick-off to the last whistle.


Team GB might’ve been a bit dissapointed by their final standing in Makarska, but Grace Crompton's efforts to push for her team was astonishing, mixing her running abilities with a silky but deadly side-step, pulling some cool tricks from out of nowhere. Her six tries, ten clean breaks and more than two handful of defenders beaten were some of the best stats from the weekend.


An inspiring leader, Francesca Granzotto’s heart and passion for Italy gives her an extra edge, and would end up being vital to finish in 9th spot. Granzotto is raw physicality, capable of bombarding her targets with world shattering tackles, as she did against Turkey, Portugal and Ukraine, boosting her team's chances of getting closer to a Challenger Series qualification. 

Top Try Scorers of the 1st leg

Alycia Chrystiaens – 8 tries

Katarzyna Paszcyk – 7 tries

Romane Ménager – 7 tries


Top Point Scorers of the 1st leg

Julia Druzgala – 41 points

Alycia Chrystiaens – 40 points

Lina Queyroi - 39 points

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