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Schedule set for Rugby Europe Championship 2024

The 2024 fixtures for the Rugby Europe men’s Championship have been released for next edition of the competition.  

The Championship is the top-level of our competitions, with the men’s tournament now going into its second year after an expansion of teams and new format introduced, which proved a success in growing the visibility and competitiveness in 2023.  

It will be another chance to see the three teams, Portugal, Georgia and Romania, that featured in the Rugby World Cup in France 2023, following Portugal’s historic win over Fiji in the final round of the group stages.

Men’s Championship 

Teams will be split into two pools and will play each other before moving on to the semi-finals and finals stage of the tournament, will culminate in a ‘Grand Finals’ to determine each team’s final rankings.  

Last season saw Georgia reclaim their crown after defeating Portugal in the final, while Romania claimed third spot after beating Spain in a first ever Grand Finals Day in Badajoz. You can find the final standings on the 2023 Championship page

The men’s competition features eight teams with the following pools:  

Pool A: Georgia, Spain, Netherlands, Germany 
Pool B: Romania, Portugal, Belgium, Poland  

Round  Fixture 
03/2/24 Netherlands v Spain
03/2/24 Belgium v Portugal
04/2/24 Poland v Romania 
04/2/24 Germany v Georgia 
10/2/24 Georgia v Netherlands 
10/2/24 Portugal v Poland 
10/2/24 Romania v Belgium 
11/2/24 Spain v Germany
17/02/24 Belgium v Poland
17/02/24 Georgia v Spain
17/02/24 Romania v Portugal
18/02/24 Netherlands v Germany

The semi-finals will then be played on March 2/3rd and then will culminate in the Grand Finals on the 17th of March.  

Netherlands will play their games in the National Rugby Centre in Amsterdam, while Germany will play their game against Georgia and Romania will play their home games at the Arcuf de Triumf, Bucharest. 

A number of other venues and kick off times are still being finalised with the hosting teams and will be added to the match pages once confirmed.  

This will be the second year of the fixed pools structure, with relegation and promotion coming into play at the end of this season’s competition with the Trophy division, the second tier of Rugby Europe Competitions.  

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