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Rugby Europe Super Cup Fixtures 2022

The fixtures have been revealed for the 2022 Rugby Europe Super Cup, running from September to December this year.

The competition will feature two new teams, the Romanian Wolves and RC Batumi from Georgia.

This year’s competition will take a more condensed format with the first six rounds taking place from 10th September to 30th October. The competition’s finals phase will be played on the weekend of the 3-4 of December for the semi-finals before the 1st and 3rd place finals takes place two weeks later (17-18 December). ­­­­

The Eastern Conference will remain unchanged from last year with the Brussels Devils, Delta, Iberians and Lusitanos. The Western Conference will contain RC Batumi, Black Lion, Tel Aviv Heat and the Romanian Wolves. 

On opening day the Castilia y Leon Iberians travel to take on the Brussels Devils while the Romanian Wolves open their campaign against the Tel Aviv Heat.

The following day Delta from the Netherlands take on the Lusitanos before all eyes turn to Georgia where newcomers Batumi take on last season’s winners Black Lion in their first ever derby match.

Round  Conference  DATES TEAMS 
Round 1  Eastern  10/09/2022 Romanian Wolves v Tel Aviv Heat 
Round 1  Western  10/09/2022 Brussels Devils v Iberians 
Round 1  Eastern 11/09/2022 RC Batumi v Black Lion
Round 1  Western 11/09/2022 Delta v Lusitanos
Round 2 Eastern 17/09/2022 Romanian Wolves v RC Batumi
Round 2 Western 17/09/2022 Lusitanos v Brussels Devils 
Round 2 Eastern  18/09/2022 Black Lion v Tel Aviv Heat 
Round 2 Western 18/09/2022 Iberians v Delta 
Round 3 Western 24/09/2022 Delta v Brussels Devils
Round 3 Western 24/09/2022 Iberians v Lusitanos
Round 3 Eastern  25/09/2022 RC Batumi v Tel Aviv
Round 3 Eastern 25/09/2022 Black Lions v Romanian Wolves 
Round 4 Eastern  15/10/2022 Tel Aviv Heat v Black Lion 
Round 4 Eastern 15/10/2022 RC Batumi v Romanian Wolves 
Round 4 Western  15/10/2022 Lusitanos v Iberians 
Round 4 Western  15/10/2022 Brussels Devils v Delta 
Round 5 Western  22/10/2022 Delta v Iberians 
Round 5 Western 22/10/2022 Brussels Devils v Lusitanos 
Round 5 Eastern 22/10/2022 Tel Aviv Heat v RC Batumi 
Round 5 Eastern  23/10/2022 Romanian Wolves v Black Lion 
Round 6  Western  28/10/2022 Lusitanos v Delta 
Round 6 Eastern  29/10/2022 Black Lion v RC Batumi 
Round 6  Eastern  30/10/2022 Tel Aviv Heat v Romanian Wolves
Round 6  Western 30/10/2022 Iberians v Brussels Devils

Kick off times and broadcast details will be announced ahead of the start of the tournament.




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