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Rugby Europe Fundraiser to Support Ukrainian Rugby Community

Let's show our solidarity with the Ukrainian rugby community

Since the beginning of the invasion, Rugby Europe has been in close contact with the Ukrainian Rugby Union.

After two weeks of conflict, their situation is alarming:

  • A young player has been shot alongside his family,
  • Women and kids are fleeing from the country,
  • Rugby players have become soldiers,
  • And obviously, rugby has stopped.

All the big cities that we hear from in the news (Kiev, Kharkiv, Lviv, Odessa, Khmelnitskiy, Mykolaiv, Irpin...) had dynamic clubs and rugby communities; the 3,000 Ukrainian active players are now on the road to exile or in the street defending their country.

In cooperation with the Ukrainian Rugby Union, Rugby Europe decided to launch a fundraiser to help the Ukrainian rugby community face the cost of this emergency.

Your donations will help women and children to transfer to other countries (train or plane tickets), to book transit accommodations, to buy medication, food or clothes, cover relocation costs and any other expense that may alleviate the emotional and physical implications for the Ukrainian rugby community.

We want to demonstrate that solidarity is not reserved just for the pitch and that our values are values for life.

Click on this button to make a donation
We hope you can offer your support and will obviously keep all donators informed of how funds are distributed.

This fundraiser is the kick-off of a long-lasting effort to support and eventually rebuild Ukrainian international and domestic rugby.

We thank you all in advance for your generosity!

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