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7s season

Pools announced for 7s season

In this Olympic year, the season of Sevens Rugby in Europe will have a particular taste, with 16 tournaments played between 7th of June and 14th of July.

This season promises to be all action with 115 teams taking part in the 16 tournaments featuring, senior men and women, as well as a number of under-age competitions in the various Championships across Europe. 

Seedings are based on the competition ranking (for those competitions with one leg) or the series ranking (for divisions with multiple legs) of the previous edition of the event. The pools for the second leg of the Series will be based on the ranking of the first leg of the Series.




Championship Series

France Women and Ireland Men will defend their “European Champions” title during this series composed of two tournaments. The two legs will take place in Makarska (7-9 June) and Hamburg (28-30 June) this year and will be played, gathering 12 teams among which the participants of Paris 2024 Olympic Games (France Men & Women, Ireland Men, Team GB Women).  

Czechia and Poland Women and Great Britain and Spain Men teams will participate in World Rugby repechage tournament held in Monaco between 21st to 24st of June.

Türkiye’s women’s team will feature in the Championship after securing promotion to the top division along with Croatian’s team. Ukraine’s men and women’s will also feature in the Championship after a superb 2023 where they both dominated at Trophy level.

Women’s Competition:

Pool A: France, Ireland, Czechia, Türkiye
Pool B: Spain, Belgium, Germany, Ukraine
Pool C: Great Britain, Poland, Italy, Portugal

Men’s Competition:

Pool A: Ireland, Georgia, Germany, Croatia
Pool B: France, Portugal, Italy, Ukraine
Pool C: Spain, Great Britain, Belgium, Lithuania



Trophy Series

The venues will remain the same as last year in the Trophy with Zagreb hosting the first leg (14-16 June) and Budapest for the second (12-14 July).

Women’s Competition:

Pool A: Sweden, Latvia, Austria, Andorra
Pool B: Romania, Hungary, Denmark, Switzerland
Pool C: Finland, Georgia, Israel, Norway

Men’s Competition:

Pool A: Romania, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Monaco
Pool B: Czechia, Hungary, Poland, Türkiye
Pool C: Sweden, Latvia, Moldova, Israel

Conference 1

In the Conference the women’s competition (7-8 June) will be three pools of three with the men’s edition (8-9 June) also following the same format. This will be one leg only and will be played in Belgrade, Serbia

Women’s Competition:

Pool A: Moldova, Montenegro, Croatia,
Pool B: Bulgaria, Malta, Luxembourg
Pool C: Slovakia, Lithuania, Estonia

Men’s Competition:

Pool A: Denmark, Finland, Malta
Pool B: Bulgaria, Andorra, Serbia
Pool C: Austria, Norway, San Marino

Conference 2

At Conference 2 level there will be a single men’s tournament with two pools of four teams. This will be one leg only and will be played in Bar, Montenegro (15-16 June).

Pool A: Bosnia& Herzegovina, Slovenia, Estonia, Montenegro
Pool B: Slovakia, Montenegro1, Kosovo, Cyprus 

As well as the senior competitions, there will also be a U18s Championship and Trophy competitions for the boy’s and girls which will take place during the summer.


U18 Boys & Girls Championship: Strasbourg (5-7 July)

For the first time, the French regional league “Grand Est” will host the U18 Boys and Girls European Championships (5-7 July). The Boys and Girls teams from France will both be looking to defend their titles in a two-day format.

Girls Competition (8 teams)

Pool A: France, Ireland, Belgium, Portugal
Pool B: Spain Czechia, Poland, Wales

Boys Competition (12 teams)

Pool A: France, Czechia, Belgium, Latvia
Pool B: Ireland, Germany, Lithuania, Romania
Pool C: Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, Ukraine


U18s Girls Trophy: Zabki, Poland (13-14 July)

Pool A: Ukraine, Sweden, Hungary, Moldova
Pool B: Türkiye, Lithuania, Romania, Germany

U18s Boys Trophy: Zabki, Poland (12-14 July)

Considering the number of registered teams, it has been decided by Rugby Europe Sevens Sub-Committee to split the competition in two pools to ensure everyone can compete in the competition.

As a consequence, the two divisions will be Trophy I (8 teams) and Trophy II (6 teams).

Boys Trophy 1 (13-14 July) – 8 teams
Pool A Türkiye, Sweden, Luxembourg, Moldova

Pool B: Israel, Poland, Croatia, Bulgaria

Boys Trophy 2 (12-13 July) – 6 Teams
Participants: Monaco, Hungary, Serbia, Andorra, Austria, Bosnia & Herzegovina

Every match will be available to watch every game live on throughout the summer.

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