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Cardoso Pinto

Get to know Lisbon with Manuel Cardoso Pinto

Lisbon will welcome fans from Poland in the 2024 Rugby Europe Championship, and there’s a lot to take in as the city holds some secrets. To help us in finding out those mysteries, World Cup sensation Manuel Cardoso Pinto, gives his advice about food, drinks, pubs, stadiums, and much more!

Best sports/rugby bar in Lisbon? Where is it, and why is it the best?

MCP. If it is pubs you are looking for, well there's no better place than Docas, an area close to the riverbed. It's a great spot especially if the sun is out. You will find there the classical Irish Pub (the beer there is perfectly poured) and the Couch Sports Bar which are my top spots to go. Good food, good beer, and a lot of TVs... so the perfect stage to watch rugby! 

Best traditional/local dish to eat in Lisbon? Where, why do you like it and if there is any trick to it!

MCP. Here comes the cliché, but I have to go for the typical custard pies (Pastéis de Nata). Be it at the Pastéis de Belem or Manteigaria, both are just great and unbeatable. That suave flavor and the crunchiness of the puff pastry will make your dream. If you want a complete meal, you will find the Maravilhas in Alcântara the best place to go. All of these are en route to Jamor!

A fun activity to do before or after the game, be it a museum, sightseeing, or something else.

MCP. Before the game, I would advise collecting some food and going to visit the many viewpoints scattered all around Lisbon. They are great for taking photos and to view the whole city. You can travel by train, cycle, or just walk. Visiting these historical sites is indulging in the true essence of Lisbon. Post games, just go to a Fados club and enjoy.

What would be your best advice to someone who's going to Estádio do Jamor? How to best mingle with Portuguese fans?

MCP. Just talk. Portuguese people are very sociable, and we like to talk (a lot). The in-game environment is always fun, even if you support the opposing side! 

Best place to take a selfie in Lisbon. Can be something do with rugby or not!

MCP. I would suggest two: the old fort near Guincho (you can go by tram) or Cabo da Roca (bus or car). Take a photo there and see your Instagram account have a rain-pour of likes! 


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