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Get to know: Gdynia with Dawid Banaszek and Dessau in Germany

First in a series of host venues for the Men’s Rugby Europe Championship, we’re speaking to several players to be able to help with a few tips if you are visiting these great European cities.

To get us going we take a walk with Dawid Banaszek to get his recommendations for those heading to Poland’s game against Romania in the opening round of fixtures before we take a look around Dessau where Germany host Georgia.

Gdynia is a special city for the Polish rugby community, and as Poland will host two games in the upcoming Rugby Europe Championship 2024, legend Dawid Banaszek will help you find the best spots and locations in the beautiful coastal city.

  • Best sports/rugby bar in Gdynia? Where is it, and why is it the best?

Restauracja Olimpijska (Olympic Restaurant), located just 100 meters from the National Rugby Stadium in Gdynia, is a fantastic place where you can not only watch rugby matches and have a great third half with your teammates but, also, eat delicious food. The restaurant is run by good people, linked to the Arka Gdynia fan community. I highly recommend it!

  • Best traditional/local dish to eat in Gdynia? Where, why do you like it and if there is any trick to it!

Personally, for me, everyone who visits Gdynia should try the famous "Gdynianka". Gdynianka on Swietojanska Street. This is a fantastic place that has been in business since 1987 and serves a delicious dish: yeast pie with various ingredients, topped with a huge amount of sauce and cheese. You might have to wait a bit, as it can have a small queue, but it's worth the wait.

  • A fun activity to do before or after the game, be it a museum, sightseeing, or something else.

Skwer Kościuszki is the spot to go, as you will find three ships that represent Gdynia: Dar Pomorza, ORP Błyskawica, and Dar Młodzieży. The first two are museums, and the last still sails. In that same square, you will also find the Gdynia Aquarium. From there walk alongside the beach and the seaside boulevard until the Arka Gdynia square, where there is an iconic sign showcasing "Arka Gdynia", which symbolizes the attachment and the meaning between the rugby club and the city.

Another place worth visiting is Kamienna Góra, the highest vantage point of Gdynia, where an illuminated cross stands - you can get there by taking the stairs or taking the free train as another attraction.

You shall not miss the pier in Orlovo, where you can feel the fishing atmosphere of the place. You have to get there early in the morning so you can watch the fishing boats coming back to the port.

  • What would be your best advice to someone who's going to Narodowy Stadion Rugby? How to reach there? And the best tips to mingle with Polish fans?

The National Rugby Stadium is located really close to the city center, so it is easy to get to from anywhere. If you rent a car, there are large car parks just next to the stadium.

Buses also stop at the entrance gate, and the Tricity SKM train stop is only 1 km away. You just have to get down either at Wzgorze Swietego Maksymiliana or at Redlowo. The easiest way to get from the airport is to take the PKM train, which has its station at Gdynia Stadion and stops at the Rugby Stadium.

Polish fans, especially those from Gdynia, are characterized by a very local patriotism. A large part of the population sympathizes with the club to the point that is visible when you walk through the city. You will find monuments linked with Arka Gdynia or murals showing the supporter's attachment to the club.

For me personally, an important place linked to the rugby community is the Zbyszek Rybak Memorial, the founder of Rugby Club Arka Gdynia. The memorial is one of a kind, with a great message and showing his commitment to the club and the city.

  • Best place to take a selfie in Gdynia. Can be something do with rugby or not!

If I had to choose one it would be at the famous fish sculpture statue located on the seafront boulevard by the "Minga" and "Browar Port" restaurants. You can catch the characteristic panorama of the city in the well-known meeting place - shrouded in legend precisely about the Gdynia fish.  

The city of Dessau will welcome teams from the Rugby Europe Championship 2024 and this guide will help you find your bearings in the 13th century city, it will be the first game in Dessau where they host the Champions, Georgia!

  • Best sports/rugby bar in Dessau? Where is it, and why is it the best?

Unfortunately, there are no real sports bars in Dessau. However, there are many possibilities to watch sports in pubs. For example, the Pub “1930” in Dessau City centre regularly shows the matches of the German Bundesliga and other sports events. Also, most of the club homes of the local football clubs have an adjacent restaurant/pub. Many of them also show the Bundesliga matches. There, you will certainly mingle with other sports fans.

  • Best traditional/local dish to eat in Dessau? Where, why do you like it and if there is any trick to it!

You can find traditional dishes like Roast pork in beer gravy with Sauerkraut and dumplings in the Brewery restaurant “Zum Alten Dessauer”. Extra bonus: Taste their homebrewed beer – which you can also buy to take it with you.

  • A fun activity to do before or after the game, be it a museum, sightseeing, or something else.

Dessau is famous for its UNESCO World Heritage Sites Bauhaus and Dessau-Wörlitz Garden Kingdom. Go visit the Bauhaus Museum Dessau with the second-largest collection of Bauhaus artifacts in the world.



If you want to enjoy nature, take a stroll through the beautiful floodplain areas of the Rivers Mulde and Elbe. The Paul-Greifzu-Stadium is located at the River Mulde. Via the nearby bridge you can take a scenery walk through the “Tiergarten”, an area filled with solitary oak trees.

  • What would be your best advice to someone who's going to Paul Greifzu Stadium? How to best mingle with German fans? And how do you get there?

Take a stroll along the banks of the Mulde river from city centre to the stadium. You pass the city palace “Johannbau” and continue on a nice path right next to the river. After the match, head back to the city centre. There are many bars and restaurants where you can easily mingle with the locals.

  • Best place to take a selfie in Dessau. Can be something do with rugby or not!

There are many great spots to take a selfie, as we have so much scenic places or architectural highlights. Find a selection of spot here:

Our favourite spot would probably be the Ionic Temple in Georgium Park. Find out more about the UNESCO World Heritage Sites (we have quite a few), all the things to do and to discover on the website of Dessau’s tourism board: or ask the staff at the tourist office (mail: They’ll happily advise you for any question you might have along your stay.


All eight teams will heading to Paris on March 17 for a very special Finals day at Stade Jean Bouin, tickets for the event are on sale now.

For more match information and tickets for the pool phases can be found from the tournament page



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