Wednesday 08 April 2020

STATEMENT : Board of Directors DECISIONS



Wednesday, April 8th, 2020

After a thorough consultation process with hosts and Unions, Competition Committee Chairman, President and General Secretary, today the following decisions have been made by the Rugby Europe Board of   Directors:

  • To call off the season of Men’s Senior XV Conference 1, Conference 2, Development and Women’s Trophy divisions. No Champions will be designated. There will be no promotion or relegation this year. The same pools will be kept for the 2020-2021 season.
  • To cancel the remaining game of Women’s Senior XV Trophy
  • To cancel the Men & Women’s Senior Sevens Conference 1 and 2 tournaments. There will be no promotion nor relegation to and from these divisions this year. The same pools will be kept in place for the 2021 Season.
  • To cancel all U18 games and tournaments in XV and Sevens Rugby. No events will take place in 2020. This includes the XV U18 Championship scheduled in Kaliningrad, Russia.
  • To cancel the U20 XV European Championship in Coimbra, Portugal. No event will take place in 2020.


For the other games and tournaments listed below, Rugby Europe Board of Directors has decided   to postpone the events, playing them as soon as the health conditions and readiness of the teams will allow. No immediate announcements will be made on rescheduling at this time.

  • Club Sevens Championship and Beach Rugby competitions.
  • Women’s XV Rugby Europe Championship matches (2 games remaining).
  • Men’s XV Rugby Europe Championship matches (3 games remaining).
  • Men’s XV Rugby Europe Trophy (6 games remaining), with the understanding that no team will be forced to play and that no sanctions will apply in the case of an inability to play. There will also be no relegation from the Trophy to Conference 1 this year.
  • Men and Women Senior Sevens Championships and Trophy Divisions, with the understanding that no teams will be relegated from the Trophy to Conference 1 this year

The Board of Directors will meet again in a month’s time to reassess the situation of these postponed events and games in light of the evolution of the COVID-19 situation across Europe.

Rugby Europe will continue to monitor developments with unions, local governments and health authorities and will respect the instructions received in the interests of overall public health in relation to COVID-19.

Rugby Europe is the governing body responsible for the promotion, development, administration and management of international competitions for the 48 member unions across Europe. The association organizes over 80 international games and 20 rugby tournaments each year, among which Men’s fifteen-a-side European Championships (Championship, Trophy, Conference 1 & 2, Development), U20 and U18 European Championships and all the 7s men and women European competitions, World Cup and Olympics Qualifiers. 

Contact :  Sébastien FAYE, Rugby Europe – [email protected] : +33 (0)7 86 04 59 47