Thursday 09 July 2020

Rugby Europe seek Independent Non-Executive Director

Rugby Europe is currently seeking an Independent Non-Executive Director position on the Rugby Europe Board of Directors.

In 2019, following a review of its structures and decision-making processes, the Rugby Europe General Assembly approved historic and wide-ranging reform of its governance model, creating a dynamic environment for the Association. As part of governance reform, Board of Directors’ remit and composition has been modified to deliver a more modern, diverse and streamlined governance structure and ensure an independent voice through the appointment of a skills-based independent director. The recent revisions included: 

  • Board of Directors (BoD) to comprise 14 members (President, General Secretary, 10 elected Officials, one Independent Director, and the Chief Executive Officer)
  • 4 Committees and 4 sub-committees to comprise between 5 and 9 members. The INED shall be a member of the Business Committee and Nominations Committee.

The INED should be available to serve for a period of four years on BoD as well as the Nominations Committee and Business Committee.

The full job description can be found HERE