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Makarska Men's 7s Players to Watch

The start of the Rugby Europe 7s season is just a few days away, and our teams are ready to tackle the first leg, set in the vibrant coastal city of Makarska. With Ireland and France as the current Men’s and Women’s title holders respectively.

Here we delve into the twelve players to follow in the Croatian leg of the tournament.

Alexis Levron (France)

The 23-year-old rocked for Les Bleus 7s in 2023 and was another standout players of last year, as his incredible handling skills breathes life into any team he plays for. we can expect many great things from one of the most promising talents in the French 7s setup, and he will be up to the task of kneading a delicate weave of plays that some of the younger players in the French squad will learn a lot from.

Hugo Keenan (Ireland)

The Irish trickster is back and in full swing, and after becoming one of the most successful players in the 7s-a-side, he was also recognized as one of the best fullbacks of the last couple of years with the full XV. With the Olympics on the horizon, Keenan wants to get comfortable again in the 7s arena, and Makarska will be the perfect setting to show off his skills, talent, and gracious step that we all know only too well.

Felipe Alegría (Spain)

The top point scorer from the Spanish Division de Honor, Felipe Alegría is one of the many new talents in the Leones setup and he will be looking to this Men’s 7s Rugby Europe Championship as the perfect platform to show a bit of razzle-dazzle. Alegría Haines is a prolific and cunning kicker, and he will step into the playmaker role from the very first start.

Julien Berger (Belgium)

Lights, camera, action! This is the Julien Berger show, and you are in for a treat as the playful but devilish scrum half is a showstopper, who loves to enchant the audience. Thanks to his speed from the ruck, he can elude and sprint away from any defensive unit, to set up and incredible play. He has impressed in the XVs, and his inclusion in the Belgium 7s squad is the only proof we need to believe the Belgium team will be fighting hard in this year’s competition

Jakob Dipper (Germany)

If you enjoy a wrecking ball with light feet, then let us present you to Jakob Dipper, one of the most exhilarating and fun players in the Rugby Europe’s 7s circuit. He had his breakthrough season in 2023, helping Germany qualify for the World Rugby 7s Challenger Series, and since debuting for his national side, the young finisher has been sensational. He is quite easy to find in the pitch, just look for the fastest black cap player out there.  

Giorgi Jobava (Georgia)

Georgia are steadily clawing their way into the 7s format of the game, combining the bone-crushing physical attributes of the XV side with the unpredictability and ingenious speed of the 7s.

Giorgi Jobava is the living embodiment of that lethal combo. He was considered one of the Players of 2023 Rugby Europe Championship Sevens Series, drawing insane plays with the artistic rhythm of his feet and delivering some of the most decisive tries for the Lelos 7s. Watch out for him, as it might be the last season you will be able to see him in the 7s arena!

Olufemi Sofolarin (Great Britain)

The Scottish speedster is back into the fray, and he will unlock team Great Britain's full potential in the first leg of the Men’s 7s Championship series. Sofolarin is an astounding player, graced with a well-balanced physicality that, when combined with his never-give-up attitude, makes him a game-changer unit in any 7s pitch he steps on.

It will be an important couple of series for Team GB as they continue their quest to reach the Olympic Games in Paris, after securing a spot in the repechage last year Krakow.

Massimo Cioffi (Italy)

A legend by his own right and name, Massimo Cioffi is one of the Azzurri stellar units, honed with the ability to crack open any defense, stepping, turning, and sprinting like a gazelle. He has scored more than fifteen tries since his first outing in the Rugby Europe 7s competitions and will surely add some more when the curtain falls in 2024.

João Vaz Antunes (Portugal)

You will find in João Vaz Antunes Portugal’s maestro, a player gifted with the power of hindsight that has devoted his international career to the 7-a-side. He is a linchpin of this Portugal side and is one of the most vital units that can help them continue their impressive rise in the 7s game. His knowledge, quick thinking and decision-making can be what draws the difference between winning or losing.

Vadym Sivak (Ukraine)

A role model, an unbreakable fighter, a spirited leader, and one of the most joyous players to watch from the Ukrainian setup… that is Vadym Sivak. He has represented his country in the XV and 7s, always on the hunt to bring more glory to his country and earn the respect of his rivals, be it by knocking down a tackler or two, and also extreamly proficient when the tables are turned and an on-coming attacker is looking to sneak past his grasp. 

Kęstutis Karbauskas (Lithuania)

Year in, year out, Lithuania’s Kęstutis Karbauskas likes to remind everyone why he is one of the fastest players in the 7s Championship Series, and why gifting him an ounce of space means a conceded try. He is pure Olympian athleticism that can achieve the highest levels of 7s rugby elite, as he can run the full 100 meters in under 10 seconds, a skill very useful in 7s!

Filip Perica (Croatia)

For the tackling and big defense lovers, might we introduce you to Filipe Perica, one of Croatia’s greatest enforcers who will hunt his target without wavering or giving up. Perica is an accomplished player and has provided a solid defense for his country in the Rugby Europe competitions, and we are ready to watch his debut on his own patch in Makarska.

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By Francisco Isaac


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