Tuesday 28 March 2017

U18 Rugby Europe Championship 2017

20 teams gathered in Brittany from 6 April 2017


The future stars of the European Rugby

From April 6th 2017, the South of the Finistere will be the Capitale of Europe gatherung the 20 countries which will be part of the 18th edition of the Rugby Europe U18 Open Championships.

600 players will tread upon the ground of the 6 stadiums of the “Pays de Cornouaille” from 7th to 15th April. This year, three prestigious teams will participate at the competition. Japan, United-States and Canada accepted Rugby Europe' s invitation.

30 matches will pace the 2017 Rugby Europe U18 Open Championships organized according to three levels:

-  The elite will gather 8 teams which will compete “The Championship”, the 1st level of the competition will determine the successor of France, double European champion and title-holder.

-  The “Trophy”, 2nd level, will gather 8 other nations, aiming to reach the upper level on the occasion of the 2018 edition.

-  The 4 remaining teams will play the “Conference 1”, the 3rd level of the competition, the winner will be also promoted to the upper level.

The format of the competition will be favourable to intense matches and fiercely competed.

After Lisbon in 2016, the local council community or cities of Quimper, Concarneau, Pont l’Abbé, Douarnenez and Quimperlé will be the theater from high-level meetings of which will emerge the talents of tomorrow. Following the example of Michalak, Parra or Serin who have rubbed shoulders with the French young selection, new players will show themselves on the occasion of these championships. Europe, North America and Japan will have eyes riveted on the “Pays deCornouaille” which will celebrate the Rugby during a week which will be exceptional.