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World Rugby Online Passport

World Rugby Online Passport

Rugby Europe is delighted to support the programme and encourage regions and educators to help facilitate the implementation phase

What is World Rugby Passport?

World Rugby Passport, is your gateway to the training and education web sites provided by World Rugby. 
Registering for a World Rugby Passport allows you access to online accreditation on a range of topics from Law education to physical preparation.

You can find out further details on this HERE

The majority of these resources are in English, French and Spanish, but some of the resources are translated into Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Russian, Romanian, etc.

Start with Rugby Ready

The Rugby Ready programme is intended to raise awareness of good practice and help stakeholders manage the inherent risks of a contact sport by putting appropriate safeguards in place.

The Rugby Ready web site is a powerful online resource that you can register to use for free. You can use the site to build, refresh and test your knowledge of the physical aspects of the Game.
The self-assessment programme comprises 18 good-practice modules covering:

•    Match preparation and physical conditioning
•    Correct technique
•    Injury prevention and management.

After completing the online Rugby Ready exam, you can download your personalised awareness certificate. Sign up for this HERE 

Laws of the game 

Brush up on the Laws of the game. By visiting this section, you are able to watch video examples and animations to build your understanding of how the Laws are applied on the field of play. You can also take a self-test exam to check your knowledge.

Find out more HERE

Coaching online learning resources

On the World Rugby’s Coaching web site, you’ll find a range of resources to support you in your coaching, from online learning about aspects of coaching community forums, technical content and more. You will find 4 online modules – Coaching Children; Introduction in coaching; Key factors analysis; Functional role analysis. Also, you will have access to a large Video library.

Find out more on the Coaching Resources HERE 

Officiating online learning resources

On this site, you will find a range of resources to support you in your officiating, from online learning aspects of officiating community forums and more. You will find 6 online modules – Introduction in match officiating (Pre Level 1); Match Observation programme; Technical zone programme; Match commissioner programme; Citing commissioner programme and Judicial Officer programme. 

Interested? Click HERE 

Strength and Conditioning Programme

This site was created in partnership with experts from Setanta College.  You will find 2 online modules – S&C Pre Level 1 and S&C Pre Level 2.

Click HERE

Player Welfare Programme

This very  important aspect of the World Rugby Passport Player welfare programme will offer you 5 online modules: Mindset, Mental Health; Concussion Management, Match Day Medical Staff, First Aid in Rugby,  Immediate Care in Rugby

Find out more about the Player Welfare Programme

Keep Rugby Clean Programme

Learn about doping in Rugby and the importance of staying clean. The educational resource will show you all you need to know about anti-doping.

Click HERE

Keep Rugby Onside Programme

Great programme anti-corruption. Through the World Rugby website, you can undertake an educational programme which will teach you all you need to know to stay onside with World Rugby Wagering Regulations.
Click to find out more about the Keep Rugby Onside programme

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