Friday 02 March 2018

Switzerland - Match Official Level 2 course

The last two weekends of January 2018 World Rugby educator Rachel Boyland held another Level 2 course for referees of Swiss Rugby Union (FSR).

Rachel was ably supported by co-instructor and international referee, Yann Benoit (very left in the picture), and the participants of the course were (from left to right) Luis Mariné, Thibaut Bourgade, Andrea Sacchetti, Gavin Wilson, Aurélie Lemouzy, and Simon Wiese, plus Chris Balsara who wanted to do the course as a refresher. They join a growing number of L2-qualified referees in Switzerland and are proof of the efforts the FSR’s referee commission is undertaking to ensure good and proper training and education for all its referees (picture taken by Rachel Boyland).