Sunday 23 April 2017


Thanks to three success, Switzerland wins the competition played in Piestany. 


The Rugby Europe U18 Conference2 2017 took place in Piestany (Slovakia) with the participation of 8 European nations : Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, Israël, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia and Switzerland. 

Competition's format was based on Quarter-finals, Semi-finals and final and ranking games 

Switzerland took a perfect start, defeating the Host Slovakia - 62-0, then beated Hungary 40-7 to access to the final against Serbia. 

Serbia defeated Israël 26-18 ,then Moldova 10-8 in a tight game to arrive in the final of the competition. 

Serbian Team could have won the Trophy, leading 14-5 until the beginning of the second half - Unfortunately, the yellow card received by N°13 (Nikolic) was immediately sanctioned by a Swiss try (48°).

Swiss players increased pressure and scored a second try (55°), taking the leadership of the game (15-14).  

Nothing coud change the result and Swiss took benefit from serbian faults to score a last try (66°) sealing the victory of the "Reds". 

Other results and final ranking :