Monday 12 June 2017

Scotland Womens performed in Ostrava

The first leg of 2017 Rugby Europe Women's Sevens Trophy took place in Ostrava this week-end, hosted by Czech Rugby Union.

The twelve teams have competed in the Series to grab the two tickets to get promoted in 2018 Women's Grand Prix Series.

Finland and Ukraine, last relegated teams, aimed to upgrade immediately. But other teams contested this ambition : Romania, which missed promotion last season, Germany including talented young players or or Scotland hoping to join the Top-level. 

All these teams confirmed their ambitions, trusting qualifying seats in their pools at the end of first day. Scottish ladies impressed scoring 128 points without conceding any. 

In Quarter-finals, Romania eliminated Finland, while Germany defeated the host union. In the same time, Ukraine and Scotland performed against Switzerland and Hungary. 

In semifinals, Germany stopped Romanian ambitions (22-12), while Ukraine suffered Scotland' superiority (26-7) being the sole team to score points to Blue ladies.

In the last stage of the competition, Germany could not resist to the impressive squad of Scotland (0-36), which takes an advantage in race of promotion.

On the other side, Moldova won Challenge Trophy defeating Latvia (10-5), while host union reached the 6th place of this first leg.

Hereafter final ranking of the tournament and the series. Second leg will take place in Esztergom (Hungary) on July 22/23.