Tuesday 06 November 2018

Rugby Europe / World Rugby Trainers and Educator course in Russia

During the period 28 October - 02 November, Rugby Europe and Rugby Union of Russia, delivered a World Rugby Trainer and Educator Course for the Russian specking participant. In the first part (28 - 30 Oct), 3 Master Trainer (Kerstin Gabbei, George Tchumburidze and Daniel Mitrea) with 2 Trainers from RUR (Nikolay Vatoshkin and Maxim Zaltsman) worked with 4 Trainers Trainee.

In the second part (30 Oct - 02 Nov.) all Trainers and Master Trainers worked with 21 candidates coming from all part of Russia to become Educators.

This is the first course for Trainers and Educator organised in Russia and one of the first activity ran by the “Rugby Academy” of R.U.R.

Great experience for all participants and big hopes in the future of rugby in Russia. If any of 21 new Educators will run in the next 12 months 1 or 2 course in every corner of Russia will be educate a minimum 100 of new coaches and new referees who can develop rugby game in the new environment (clubs, school, regions).

Link to the video : https://www.facebook.com/go.rugbyacademy/videos/333500647201831/