Tuesday 17 January 2017

Romanian Squad announced for Championship 2017

The Romania's national rugby team prepares for its debut in the qualifying campaign for the World Cup 2019, which will take place debut with the first match of the Rugby Europe Championship on the 11th of February in Germany.

Coaching staff consisting of Lynn Howells, Marius Tincu and Rob Moffat has established a group of 36 players for the first two games of the competition. 24 forwards and 12 backs.


The players called up, most - 16 - come from Romanian champions, Saracens Timisoara, five from CSA Steaua, five of Science Baia Mare, one of CSM Bucharest, and 9 players in France. The novelty in the group is the first convocation of Alexander Savin, pillar of CSM Bucharest.


"Romania starts out with one thought, which is to qualify for the World Cup 2019, which is the most important objective of both players and staff, and the whole romanian players group. At the same time, with the changing format of the competition Rugby Championship Europe, we want to win this edition and win “it”, when I say this, thinking of winning the last match at home against Georgia. To reach this goal, we shall make any misstep, treat every game like a final and we must focus on what we must do. We know that the first two matches will be harder because players will come together after a period of two months’ break and will need less time to accommodate between them on the field, but we hope that experience and maturity will help. " said coach Lynn Howells.


Players who are not involved in domestic championship will meet on January 29 and pass medical exams; then players will leave to Lisbon on February 3rd, where they will be joined by players evolving in France. On February 4th, Romania will hold a training game in Portugal. On February 9th, team will travel to Frankfurt for the first match of the Rugby Championship Europe on the 11th of February with Germany.


Players selected for the first Rugby Europe Championship games:



  • Mihai Lazar (Castres Olympique),
  • Constantin Prístavita (Science Baia Mare),
  • Alexandru Tarus (Beziers),
  • Alexander Gordas (CSA Steaua),
  • Andrei Ursache (Carcassonne),
  • Bodgan Neacsu (Dinamo) 
  • Vlad Badalicescu (Steaua)
  • Alexander Savin (CSM Bucharest),
  • Florin Bardasu (Baia Mare),
  • Marian Capatana (Timisoara Saracens),
  • Otar Turashvili (Colomiers),
  • Valentin Poparlan (Timisoara Saracens),
  • Andrei Iurea (Baia Mare),
  • Johan Van Heerden (Science Baia Mare),
  • Ionut Muresan (Timisoara Saracens),
  • Viorel Lucaci (CSA Steaua),
  • Andrei Gorcioaia (Massy),
  • Cristian Chirica (Science Baia Mare),
  • Vlad Nistor (Albi),
  • Dorin Lazar (Timisoara Saracens),
  • Razvan Ailenei (Stiinta Baia Mare)



  • Valentin Calafeteanu (Timisoara Saracens),
  • Florin Surugiu (CSA Steaua),
  • Alexandru Tigla (Stiinta Baia Mare)
  • Jody Rose (Timisoara Saracens),
  • Florin Vlaicu (CSA Steaua),
  • Jack Umaga (Timisoara Saracens),
  • Florin Vlad Popa (Timisoara Saracens),
  • Stephen Shennan (Timisoara Saracens),
  • Ionut Dumitru (CSA Steaua),
  • Madalin Lemnaru (Timisoara Saracens),
  • Catalin Fercu (Timisoara Saracens),
  • Samoa Luke (Science Baia Mare)


More information on : https://frr.ro