Saturday 09 June 2018


Oaks takes an option for Series crown

The first leg of Rugby Europe Men's Sevens Trophy 2018 took place in Zagreb this week-end - gathering twelve teams aiming to join 2019 Grand Prix Series. But a single team will have this chance after the two legs of the competition (2nd will be held in Siaulaï on June 30th). 

Belgium, relegated from 2017 GPS, had this ambition - and took a favourable advantage with a clean pool series dominating Israel, Croatia and Bulgaria on Saturday. Only Denmark did the same, while Romania and Lithuania shared the points and the leadership of Pool B. Belgium played again Croatia in Quarter final (3rd best team ranked 3rd) for an easy victory (26-7). But BlackDevils failed in semifinals against brilliant Lietuvos players who took the lead (12-0) and resisted until the end. 

Lithuania that defeated Ukraine in Quarter-Finals faced Romania in final for a remake of the pool-games. The Oaks who defeated Luxembourg and Israël knew Lithuania was a hard opponent. Both teams delivered a great game, scoring one after the other conceding no break until the end (26-26) thanks to a last try scored by Romania. Extra-time did last than 1 minute.  Romania kicked the balls and took it to score immediately (31-26) for a crual end for Lithuania. 

This end is full of promises for the second leg in 3 weeks that will be played in Lithuania. Based on the performance of the week-end, it will be a very interesting battle for the ambitious teams on the top of the standings. 

Details and replays :