Sunday 19 March 2017


Clarification on Rankings


The final game between Romania and Georgia unveiled the Rugby Europe Champion 2017. 

Further to the victory of Romania 8-7 in Bucharest, the ranking on the website has been automatically updated, including a technical error with a huge consequence on the facts - as the shield has been given to Georgia at the stadium,

In accordance and respect of the competition 's rules, " If two or more teams have same number of points the best ranked will be : The Union having more number of match points in the games played between the tied Unions" 

As the competition is played with a single game between teams, the winner of the game is the best team. So Romania has been officially announced "Champion 2017" thanks to its victory on Georgia. 

The update of the rankings on the website requires technical assistance and will be done tomorrow. 

Rugby Europe apologize a lot to the fans, the players and the unions for the confusion around the final ranking and the trophy ceremony.