Tuesday 30 April 2019

Northern Europe Referee Managers, Educators and Trainers Meeting

On the weekend of April the 26th to 28th, Referee Managers, Educators and Trainers from Germany, Belgium, Sweden, Finland, Norway, the Netherlands, Switzerland and the Czech Republic met up to discuss how they can work better together and to learn from each other. Other nations in the region were also invited but were unable to attend.

The airline pilots strike in Scandinavia cost the meeting a Danish delegate for the weekend but 12 people still managed to get to the town of Heidelberg in Germany and were loaned facilities at Heidelberg Rugby Club for the workshops. 

Subjects including Assistant referee training, Match Official pathways, Recruitment and Retention of match officials, Video review and cross border Exchanges were discussed and time ran out before the remainder of topics were even touched on. Action points to follow up on were dealt out to the delegates involved before everyone left to travel home on the Sunday afternoon. 

A big thanks to Heidelberg Rugby Club and Dana Teagarden for helping to host this very productive meeting, and the Belgian delegates have offered to host a similar meeting in 12 months somewhere in Belgium.