Wednesday 19 April 2017

Keep Rugby Clean education for 20 U18 National teams

During Rugby Europe’s U18 Competition organised in Brittany, France, World Rugby and Rugby Europe staff organised and delivered anti doping education for more than 500 players and their staff.

This edition included understanding the risk of nutritional supplements, how to avoid accidental positives when taking medication, and the consequences of doping both for their future rugby career, and for their health. This session have received a great welcome by all teams, and particularly by Team Doctors, whom always praise World Rugby and Rugby Europe’s efforts to educate and help athletes. In addition to the delivery of this sessions, Rugby Europe organised the first ever National Anti Doping Educator Course. Beatrice Constandache from Romania, Roberto Sojo from Spain, Ivane Davitashvili from Georgia and Georgina Vitez from Hungary were trained by Jamie Archer (World Rugby) and Jose Gorrotxatgui (Rugby Europe) and they also assisted the participants in their delivery of the education material to some of the National Teams teams. The delivery of these session and the organisation of this course, is part of the commitment of World Rugby and Rugby Europe to promote a healthy lifestyle, educate players and unions in the importance of knowing more about anti doping regulations and procedures and keep rugby clean of doping.