Sunday 23 June 2019

Germany and Romania on the road to the Elite

After a first stage that took place 15 days ago in Budapest, the 12 nations met in Portugal to play the second and final round of the Rugby Europe Women Sevens Trophy 2019.

The stake of this tournament resided in the granting of the two tickets for the Olympic qualification tournament for the Olympics of Tokyo 2020 which will be held in Kazan (July 13th and 14th) but also for obtaining the two sesames for the access at the Elite 2020 European Circuit.

Relegated last year, Germany had great ambitions of promotion, they had already shown at the Budapest tournament she won brilliantly.

But it was not counting on Romania, Czechia or Finland who had shone during the first stage.

Portugal, who also came from the Elite level, was also keen to make up for the first round when the team finished in 7th place.

Placed in the group of Germanic, the "Lusitano" ended at the 2nd place of the group and fell on the Czechs who qualified after a closed match, which ended on a small 7-0.

There was a repeat of the first stage: The 4 semi-finalists from Budapest found themselves again face to face. No suspense in these meetings where Germany and Romania again dominated their opponents Finland and Czechs.

The remake of the Budapest final delivered a totally different scenario. The Romanians took their revenge and granted themselves the title of the tournament.

In the overall standings, the Serie's crown came back to Germany thanks to a better point difference (+211 vs +129).

Despite this, both teams join the 2020 Grand Prix Series and qualify for the Kazan Olympic Qualifying Tournament.

At the bottom of the ranking, Israel and Switzerland have failed to save their place and will play in Conference next year.

All detailed results and replay of the match on the site.