Wednesday 12 April 2017


Both teams ending up in the finals fort he 3rd time in a row


The U18 European Championship 2017 are taking place since Friday April 7th on the pitches of the « Finistère » Clubs. In an “Open” format, welcoming fort he first time ever the USA, Canada and Japan, this competition gathers 20 teams, distributed on 3 divisions (Championship, Trophy and Conference 1).


Headed top seed of the Championship since 2015, France has played the first game against Spain on the Creac’h Gwen stadium in Quimper. After 20 minutes of dusting up (0-9), the Bleuets turned things and won a clear victory in this quarter finals – 36-9.

The second match was against Portugal, who defeated USA 26-5 in a tough game. The coquelets took stock of their opponent with a rapid succession of tries scored, reaching 35-0 at half time. In the second half, Philippe Agostini’s players kept going, scoring two more tries without conceeding one point, despite a higher pressure put by the Lusitanes.


Just as the last two years, France will face Georgia for a new European final.


The „Lelos“ have stood the non-European Unions, invited fort he Tournament, succesively beating Canada (43-3) in the Quarter finals and Japan (42-17) in the Semi, scoring more than 40 points in each game.


This Final will take place on Saturday, April 15th at 6pm in Penvillers Stadium, Quimper – and will be live streamed on „la chaine l’Equipe“ (as well as the match fort he 3rd place between Portugal and Japon starting from 4pm) and on (outside France).