Sunday 17 September 2017


England defeats Wales in final 31-0


The Women's U18 Sevens European Championship took place this week-end in Vichy. Twelve teams were gathered to play the competitions - 10 from the Europe region more USA and Canada, invited by Rugby Europe as last season in the same venue. 

This competition had two goals for teams - the first was the 2017 European title, the second was the preparation for 2018 Youth Olympic Games qualifier that will be held in April / May 2018 by Rugby Europe without any non-European teams. 

Dispatched in 3 pools of 4 teams, Day 1 was dedicated to Pools games. France, as title-holder, USA and Canada (runners-up and third ranked in 2016) were top-seeders. 

In a very open competition, Canada, England and Ireland dominated pools games with 3 on 3 victories, whereas Spain, Russia and Sweden lost all their games. 

In Quarter-finals, under rainy conditions, while England kept on scoring over 30 points over Netherlands, Wales created a surprise, defeating one of the favourite of the competition, Ireland 15-12. Portugal confirmed a solid talent, eliminating the 2016 finalist USA (7-0).  France grabbed its qualification against Canada scoring a try in the last minute. 

But France could not resist to a power English team in semifinals - conceding 3 tries without scoring any - while Wales dominated Portugal 28-5. 

Wales and England faced on the pitch for a "Team GB" final under "so british" rainy conditions. Dominating Collectively and physically, England performed from the beginning scoring a first try from the kickoff of the final. Put under pressure by the "Whites", Wales could never challenge the opponents and conceded 5 tries without scoring any for a final 31-0 result. 

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