World Rugby/Rugby Europe Level 2 Strength & Conditioning Course

Unions are welcome to nominate relevant delegates for this Course. Selection of the nominations will then be made and more information about the course sent. Please note that a limited number will be selected.
12:30 PM

The course will be held on Tuesday 03 April (12.30) to Tuesday Friday 6 April (15.00) 2018 in BT Murrayfield Stadium, Edinburgh.

The Course Local Manager will be: Peter Jericevich - [email protected]

Prerequisites for nomination are:

            - Be actively in S&C coaching for a minimum of 2 years

            - Be over 18 years of age

            - Have completed the World Rugby L1 S&C Rugby course

            - Have completed on-line tests on

                        - Rugby Ready,

                        - Laws of the Game

                        - Integrity

                        - Keep Rugby Clean

                        - Pre Level 1 S&C

            - Can speak English and/or French.

            - Be committed to completing the following accreditation requirements;

            - Attend the whole of the Course

            - Receive ongoing competency based assessment against criteria.

The attached questionnaire must be sent with the nomination form giving evidence of the above requirements.

The World Rugby/Rugby Europe will cover the costs of the S&C Educators that will deliver the course, the course facilities as well as the accommodation and meals for the course delegates (max. 3 nights). Delegates or their unions will cover international travel costs and transfer costs in Edinbourgh. The above Course Manager can be contacted regarding local logistics.

Please fill out the attached forms and return to [email protected] , latest 01st March 2018.

I will then in March confirm with unions which nominations have been selected or not and send further information to selected delegates