Training & Education Programme for 2018

The 2018' T&E Programme is available. Please download the attached file. Our mission: To Identify and promote best practice to improve and protect the game and the welfare of players.

09:45 AM
  1. Delivery and QA by Educators - Please make sure that you advise all Educators to deliver a minimum of 3 courses per year and get a QA done by one of the trainers. Failure to do this per year will result in revoking of license. At the moment some of your educators are falling into that. All QA need to be sent to me ASAP. Please check your list that I recently sent for those still needing QA before the end of the year.
  2. Delivery of Courses: - All Educators can deliver Rugby Ready FTF & Level 1 Course. Only Trainers can deliver Level 2 Course and Educators can co-deliver. 
  3. Follow Up for Level 2 and 3 MO and Coaching Course - this can be done by ALL Educators and Trainers but Sign off will be RTM only with the recommendation by Trainers and Senior Educators. 
  4. Regional Courses - These courses can only be delivered at my Approval - CMO Level 2, S&C L2, ICIR, AICIR, MO L3, Coach level 3, Citing Commissioner, Match Commissioner, Leading Rugby and Educator /Trainer course need the approval of World Rugby Training Manager before RTM or Master Trainers deliver the course. You can apply for these courses to be delivered to your Union at your full cost for all Trainers. I still have to OK the Trainer that you invite.
  5. Transcript filling - this need to be filled up with all tabs and sections. I will particularly be checking on this for FAIR, S&C L1, MO L2 - 15s and 7s, and CMO L1.
  6. DATABASE - This need to be filled in well straight after the course.
  7. ONLINE Requirements - This has been best done this year so thanks to all your RDO's. Please continue on this for next year. Do not compromise this.
  8. T&E Calendar - You find in attachment all the Regional Courses propose for 2019.
191217 RE T&E Schedule 2018 PDF 12/19/2017