Tuesday 05 June 2018

Brand Hub - A new tool to promote Get Into Rugby in Europe

Brand hub is a new tool available to all Unions, Clubs and schools involved in the delivery of Get Into Rugby that will allow them to create high quality promotional images for their activities.

Following the success of Get Into Rugby around the world, World Rugby has created a new promotional tool for the programme that it is also available to all the Unions delivering Get Into Rugby in Europe. The name of this tool is Brand Hub, and it is an online portal where Unions, Clubs and school can access high quality promotional materials to advertise their activities either on printed copies, or on social media.

This tool is available in three predefined languages, English, French and Spanish. Once you are registered on the website, you can then choose the region you belong to (Rugby Europe) , the logo of your Union and you can enter a text in your own language with the message for yor next training session, festival or school activity. This portal will also allow you to download the image on a high quality image file that you can then use to be sent to a print shop to create leaflets, posters or other paper supported promotional tool or to be uploaded on your social media. 

This new portal will allow Get Into Rugby Clubs and schools across Europe to create new atractive and high quality images to help them promoting the work in their communities. As part of Rugby Europe's and World Rugby's commitment with development this tool is free for all participants. 

On Brand Hub website, users will also find useful resources and advices to use this tool in the best possible way and following World Rugby's and Rugby Europe's guidelines. 

We encourgae all Unions to take part on this initiative and start using Brand Hub for all Clubs and schools, share it on your social media and carry on the great work of growign the Game in Europe. 

For any questions regarding Brand Hub in Europe, Unions please contact Jose Gorrotxategui - [email protected]