Tuesday 06 November 2018

Cooperation Netherlands & Belgium at U17/U18 National selections RUGBY CAMP & WR MO XV Level 2 course.

Weekend of 1st to 3rd of November 2018 the Rugby Netherlands & FBRB have organized a rugby camp for U17/U18 national selections in Amersfoort in the Netherlands. First ideas regarding this development cooperation between neighour counties were initiated by Gareth Gilbert and Kristof Vanhout who attended the World Rugby Level 3 coaching course together.

This was an excellent opportunity to join players, coaches, match officials and educators at the same venue in order to learn all from and with each other.

The theme of the camp for the players & coaches was the breakdown.

In combination with this rugby camp a World Rugby Match officials XV a side level 2 course was run by World Rugby Educators Afonso Noguaira (PT), Liam Wright (NL) and John Catteau (BE). This course was attended by 4 match officials from the Netherlands and 5 from Belgium. Course was delivered with focus on practical sessions.

All Match officials had plenty of opportunities to practise their skills during 6 matches (3 on Thursday and 3 on Saturday) between the national selections and in workshops were players, match officials and coaches worked around the theme of the breakdown.

Many thanks to the NRB for hosting this event and all who made this possible. Many thanks to Daniel Mitrea from WR/RE for the assistance regarding the WR educator force.

We wish all participants good luck in their next matches, everyone in his own role.