Thursday 05 October 2017

2017/2018 Competitions' schedule updated (V 070218)

Further to General Assembly Meeting, 2017/2018 competitions' schedule has been updated including competing teams

The Age-Grade Development and Competitions' committee reviewed and validated the competitions' schedule for the coming season. Some dates or venues will be confirmed in the next few weeks. 

80 international games and 26 Tournaments this Year ! 

This season will offer a huge rugby programme including XV-a-side, Sevens and Beach Rugby competitions. 13 differents Countries will host these tournaments, spreading the promotion of rugby throughout Europe. 

The major stake of XV-a-side Men's Senior competition (Rugby Europe International Championships - REIC) will be the qualification for the Rugby World Cup 2019. As Georgia is already qualified thanks to its result in 2015, the last ticket will be delivered after the final play-off game which will oppose the winner of Rugby Europe Championship (2016/2018 period considered - except games against Georgia) and the winner of Portugal v Czech Republic (third qualifying round - Romania, winner of the 2017 Rugby Europe Championship, will be in a good position, with 3 home-games to play (Germany, Russia, Belgium), while Spain (third-ranked of 2017 REC) will go to Russia, Georgia and Belgium. For sure, this competition promises to be contended. 

In XV-a-side Women's Senior, after a great World Cup in Ireland last August, a "Four nations" European Championship tournament will be organized in Belgiumin in late February. A second competition is under construction with other nations to develop and promote Women's rugby in Europe. 

Sevens Rugby keeps growing throughout Europe - 17 tournaments will take place from May to September. The key-moment will be the Rugby World Cup in San Francisco next July (20-22). Men and Women's Grand Prix Series will be the perfect places for the qualified teams to get ready. 

In the Age-Grade competitions, two tickets for the 2018 Youth Olympic Games (Buenos Aires - October 2018) will be available (One per competition) through the Men and Women's U18 Sevens Championships (in Lithuania and France). That's why these tournaments are planned in May 2018 (and not in September). 

For the second year, the European Beach Rugby Championships will be held in Moscow during the summer. After a positive first edition, the experience will be renewed and extended. 

Have a look at the competitions' calendar below - Details on next games :

Updated version on February 7th 2018 -