Friday 14 February 2020


Dates and Venues of Rugby Europe 2020 competitions have been officialized.

After a fantastic 2019 year marked by the Olympic Games’ qualifiers, this new season will offer some great events to Rugby fans community with 20 European Championships played in 11 countries. 

Besides the Senior Men and Women Rugby Europe International Championships ongoing from September, Youth competitions will be the biggest events of March and April. 

Coimbra, Portugal, will host the U20 European Championship for the third year in a row (22nd to 29th March) - gathering 8 countries (Portugal, Spain, Russia, Romania, Belgium, Netherlands, Czechia, Poland). The titleholder, Portugal, will try to qualify again for the qualification to the World Rugby U20 Trophy 2020.

For the U18 European Championship, the 8 teams will come back to Kaliningrad, Russia, as last season. The Russian region has developed a great rugby footprint after the last edition, hosting also National team training camps and REC2020 game Russia / Portugal. The U18 tournament will see Georgia defend its title against Spain, Russia, Portugal, Belgium, Netherlands, Romania and Poland from 12th to 18th of April. 

For the lower levels, Rugby Europe have launched training camps during Fall and Development Matches during Spring holidays. Rugby Europe experts in coaching and refereeing will deliver theorical and practical courses to assist Unions in developing their skills. 8 Unions in total will take part in these activities.

In Sevens-a-side competitions, Rugby Europe will launch an innovative format with most of the tournaments being now a combined Men & Women event in June and July. For the first time, Georgia will host a leg of Sevens Championship on June 12th – 14th , while Russia will organize the second and last round of the series.  The top level of Sevens competition, previously know as Grand Prix Series, has also been renamed as Championships, to bring consistency across XV’s a side and Sevens a side elite divisions, both now called “Championships”.

Men and Women Trophy Series will take place in Croatia (Zagreb) and Hungary (Budapest), while Serbia will host Men and Women Conference tournaments. 

As interest is constantly growing for Sevens’ competitions, Slovakia will host the first ever Conference 2 Event, gathering six men’s team willing to enter the European rugby scene.

Poland will host the Men U18 Sevens Championship and Women U18 Sevens Trophy while Luxembourg will organize the Men U18 Trophy tournament for the first time ever. 

2019 / 2020 season will finish with the Rugby Europe Men Club Sevens Trophy’s final in St Petersburg, after two qualifying legs in Moscow (April 25th/26th) and Ufa (June 20/21), while the Women will only compete in the Moscow leg as a stand alone event.

Competitions' details will be updated on our website in the coming weeks. 

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