Level 3 Coaching Course (part1) 2017 Delegates

World Rugby/Rugby Europe Level 3 Coaching Course (part 1), 12 - 14 April, Marcoussis (France)

The course will take place from 12 through until 14 April at: Centre National de Rugby - 5 Rue Jean de Montaigu, 91460. This will also be the course accommodation.


Should you have any additional learning requirements that you wish to discuss please contact RE as soon as possible.


The course will be a mixture of classroom and “light” practical tasks. 


A vital part of the Educator course is the transfer of your knowledge gained pre-course from our on-line learning resources. By completing the tasks below it will allow us to focus the face-to-face course on your delivery skills as an Educator. Please complete the following pre-requisite tasks prior to arrival at the course:

1. ALL Candidates: Complete the on-line Beginners Guide self-check test at

2. ALL Candidates: Complete the on-line Rugby Ready self-check test at

3. ALL Candidate: must also complete the on-line 3 learning modules at

4. ALL Candidate: must also complete the on-line Laws of the game self-check test at