Saturday 27 May 2017

RWC2019 - Qualification Rounds

Results of 2017 Rugby Europe International Championships Competition unveiled first games in 2019 Rugby World Cup Qualification Rounds Rugby Europe affiliated Unions.

All Unions have participated to REIC / RWC2019 qualification during the season 2016-17. At the end of the last game of the season, the Qualification Rounds are as followed:

Q1: In Hungary on 20th May                             Hungary Vs Bosnia Herzegovina  19-17

Q2: in Czech Republic on 27th May                  Czech Republic Vs Hungary  47-19 

Q3: in Portugal on 18th November 2017                     Portugal  Vs  Czechia  45-12

Q4: Date to be confirmed in April/may 2018  -  Venue in Team ranked 2nd (out of Georgia already qualified) in Rugby Europe Championship (after seasons 2016-17 and 17-18) Vs Portugal

Rugby Europe Championship winner (from 2016-2018 ranking out of Georgia) will be directly qualified for the tournament in Pool A.

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